AL MANARA is a brand initiative from the footprints of Mujeeb Wajid group (Since 1890), one of the foremost companies dealing in tobacco for more than 30 years. An enterprise known for its worldwide reach and finest quality control catering with the highest proficiency the demands of Hookah lovers worldwide.

The strength of the brand AL MANARA has always been its people. We believe the years ahead will see us tread new grounds- widen the spectrum- stretch trade horizons even further whilst retaining our prime focus - Customer Satisfaction.
Our unique and superior taste is evident from our large treasure of flavours in Shisha Hookah which is increasing with growing demand of our customers worldwide.

We strive to produce premium quality products.
We develop our products to be unique and luxurious with a gratifying after effect.
We work to develop and update our products through extensive market research.

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